Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kids' Choice

One of my favorite blogs is hosting a series called Kids' Choice.  Basically you give your kids total design control to create whatever it is that they want.  Shortly after this was announced I was wandering around Joann's with the boys in tow and we stumbled upon a bright and busy race car print.  Definitely not my first choice for fabric, but Tot was smitten.  And then I recalled this series and decided I guess I can figure out something to do with it. 

After a very short brainstorming session, we now have a snazzy new pair of shorts!  He only wanted shorts. Because shorts with race cars make you run super fast... don't you know!

I used Peek-a-boo pattern shops Costal Craze Baggies to create the perfect lightweight summer short.

  The knit waistband is a must for my boy who only likes "soft clothes."  He didn't want a shirt, just shorts. But I went ahead and made a black and white raglan shirt with racing flags on them, and he absolutely hated it (go figure)!  So he picked his most favorite rocket shirt to pair it with, and thankfully it matches.  Not homemade, but what's the point in kids choice if he hates half the outfit!

Conclusion:  I've got one happy kid on my hands!  I definitely think we'll be doing this more often, in fact he already has a few more ideas he wants me to create.  Hopefully I can keep up!

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